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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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A&R Solutions is a group of addiction clinics based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Our goal is to treat the ever-growing drug dependence issue throughout our country. With nearly 15 years of experience we are trying to impact the lives of thousands of people.

We provide a safe and confidential environment to move toward achieving the necessary skills to harness the disease and allow individuals to become respected members of their homes and communities. We offer a full spectrum of substance abuse treatment services to clients, based upon his or her individual needs as assessed through comprehensive evaluations at admission.


At A&R we believe that addiction to prescription pain medication and heroin can be treated successfully. We treat drug addiction the same as any other disease - with compassionindividualized plans and evidence-based treatment.


1301 Beaver Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15233


1464 N Main Street, Suite 9

Punxsutawney, PA 15767

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